Founded in 2000, listed on SGX mainboard in 2004. Privatized in 2019.


Constantly evolving and reinventing ourselves to meet the requirements in a dynamic business landscape.

  1. August 2,2019

    Established MEMTECH Ji 'An precision electronics co., LTD., specializing in the production and sales of electronic components, lens, display screen, mold, plastic products, rubber products.

    August 22,2019

    The company was privatized.


    Established MEMTECH technology (Vietnam) co., LTD., specializing in the production and sales of metal mold, plastic products.

  2. 2018

    Establishment of Kunshan Taitech Automation Co., Ltd for research and manufacturing of automation equipment, robots, electrical and other intelligent or hi-tech equipment and parts and after sales services.


    Establishment of Kunshan Memtech Medical Equipment Industry Co., Ltd. for the manufacturing of medical equipment and related packaging materials, precision moulds and plastics and after sales services

  3. March2010

    TPU-Rubber Co-Moulding
    Completed R&D for the manufacturing process for TPU-Rubber Co-Moulding. Achieved structural thickness as thin as 0.12mm.


    CD Injection

    Completed R&D for the adoption of CD injection technology on 3D decorative parts in mobile phones.


    Bubble-free Adhesion to Substrates

    Mass production of bubble-free adhesion of decorative components to substrates using UV glue and vacuum technology.

  4. January2009

    Surface Finishing of Large Components
    Adopted 3D non-welded fabrication technology for application in our plastic injection mould tooling production line for mobile phone housing. Acquired the relevant equipment for rapid temperature control of mould tooling equipment.

    This technology revolutionized the aesthetic standard of surface finishing for large components.


    Integrated Light-Guide Film with Dome Array Sheet
    Completed R&D on technology for the integration of light-guide film with dome array sheet within a single component. Commenced mass production for this new product.
  5. May2008

    Touch Screen Panels

    Set up a plant (Memtech TSP Solution Co., Ltd.) in Nantong which focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of touch screen panel products for the telecommunications industry.


    Transfer Print Technology (TPT)
    Adopted TPT for R&D of automated mass production facilities. Completed our first automated TPT machine in December 2008, enabling us to address customer requirements for ever slimmer keypads and more intricate decorative finishing. Used TPT in mobile phone products for customers like Huawei, Lenovo, and Motorola.


    3D Keypad Buttons and UCC

    Invented and patented methods for manufacturing 3D decorative keypad buttons as well as keypad buttons using UCC technology.

  6. January2007

    Light-Guide Thin Film
    Acquired Sentehon Co., Ltd, a Taiwanese solutions provider of light-guide software architecture and luminance measurement systems. The acquisition enabled the Group to complete R&D for and start producing light-guide thin-film used in mobile phone keypads. Developed solutions and facilities for the mass production of injection-moulded light-guide plates and related key component modules used in the Windows X360 Gamepad Qwerty keypad.
  7. August2006

    Wireless Antenna Technology

    In August 2006, we collaborated with Celestin Technology Limited to form a joint venture company, Raytech Limited, for the R&D and sale of telecommunication antennas and mobile phone Bluetooth antennas.


    Set up a Vacuum Metallization Application and Technology Centre in Dongguan. The centre has spray-painting technologies for keypads, decorative parts, and antennas such as: Non-Conductive Vacuum Metallization (NCVM), Sputtering, and Intermediate-Frequency Sputtering. Set up coating facilities equipped with technology for multilayer optical grade non-conductive coating (NCVM) applications.
  8. May2005

    Mobile Phone Lens

    Acquired a complete set of moulding equipment for CD injection moulding and modified it into an advanced system for the production of mobile phone lens and ultra-thin keypad products.


    Metal Keypads

    Mass production of metal keypads using copper sheets, stainless steel, and aluminium alloy to produce a wider range of keypad designs according to different customer requirements.

  9. February2004

    Completed R&D on an injection process for strengthening lenses. That year, we also developed the In-Mould Lens (IML) process and commercialised it for mass production.


    Completed the R&D for a complete set of injection tooling moulds for mobile phone housing. This laid the foundation for our injection moulding business in mobile phone housing and its downstream spray painting process.

  10. March2003

    In 2003, we acquired our first double injection mould machine. After that, we invested in 30 more double injection machines. This capital investment enabled us to address demand for the following component features:

    Duo-coloured keycaps Elastomers of diverse elasticity within a single component.
  11. March2002

    Invested in equipment to acquire electroforming capabilities. This technical know-how enabled us to produce the visual intricacy required by keypad customers. Having in-house manufacturing facilities took our keypad business development to new heights as customers were now assured of our product quality and ability to deliver within a competitive lead time. Market share and sales revenue took a significant leap.
  12. May2001

    In 2001, we became the first in China to use an assembly jig for a plastic rubber (P+R) keypad. Using a single-injection process in injection moulding, we were able to mass produce high quality components with assurance of low reject rates.


    Developed our own proprietary mobile phone keypad design featuring plastic keycaps assembled with a silicone rubber sheet underneath. Manufacturing capabilities:
    Second surface printing First surface spraying, laser etching, and electrolysis plating, etc.
  13. December2000

    The Group had its genesis in Dongguan Memtech Electronic Products Co., Ltd, a manufacturer of mobile phone keypads established in December 2000. It had manufacturing capabilities for silicone rubber and In-Mould Decoration (IMD) keypads.